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What is laser hair removal?
Laser hair removal is a process by which a laser, an intense and focused beam of light, is applied to the skin which targets the hair follicles beneath the skin’s surface. Once the follicles have been treated they are removed and remain permanently reduced. Over the course of treatment the number of hair follicles (and therefore hairs) are dramatically reduced, leaving your skin smooth and hair free.

How many treatments do I need for laser hair removal?
You will need between 6-9 treatments depending on the body part. Brazilian (bikini area) and face treatments often take a bit longer.

How often do I receive treatments for laser hair removal?
Treatments generally occur every 4-6 weeks, however some factors may mean you would come for your next treatment at either the next cycle (8 weeks) or third cycle (12 weeks).

Does my skin color limit my ability to receive laser hair removal?
Not with our lasers. Our lasers, the ND:Yag or the Alexandrite can handle all skin colors. Skin colors are typed from 1-6, 1 being the palest and 6 being the darkest. Skin types 1-3 use an Alexandrite and 3-6 use a ND:Yag, some type 3 skinned individuals require both lasers or our new Diode laser. The talented staff at Jolie Peau receive extensive training and are able to ensure safe and effective treatments for all skin types, even the darkest skin. Many lasers, especially IPL, are only suitable for types 1-3, but utilizing our system, removes all restrictions from which skin types may receive laser.

Does my hair color limit my ability to receive laser hair removal?
In general, no, however there are some limits to what the laser can target. Red, pale blonde and grey hairs are not guaranteed to be removed as they are harder for the laser to target. There are some exceptions to this rule, book a free consult today to find out more if you have questions about your specific hair color.

Is laser hair removal harmful?
No, laser hair removal is safe and FDA approved. Our equipment is of the highest safety standard and the newest technology. Safety goggles must be worn in the room, and precautions taken when setting your treatment levels/settings but the staff at Jolie Peau are trained to ensure your safety throughout the laser hair removal process.

Is laser hair removal painful?
Laser hair removal does include some discomfort, but is generally not considered painful. Most describe the ND:Yag laser as a pinching sensation, and the Alexandrite as a snap, or sting. These sensations however last for less than a fraction of a second and many people can tolerate a quick rate of application.

What limits my eligibility for laser hair removal?
Several situations can lead to laser hair removal being refused at our clinic such as pregnancy, use of acne medications or antibiotics, as well as tanning or recent travel to sunny/hot places. The staff at Jolie Peau are trained to help you to recognize your risks and help you to avoid them, or adjust your treatments to your skin’s condition. For a more detailed assessment of your personal situation please call.

Is laser hair removal really permanent?
Lots of laser clinics, especially IPL clinics, love to toss around the word “permanent”, but at Jolie Peau we provide a definition to help you understand what we mean. ND:Yag, Diode and Alexandrite laser hair removal can achieve greater than 80% hair removal guaranteed for life. Removal above that is absolutely attainable, but requires more appointments initially, and may require some touch-ups. Laser technology is pretty good, but your body and its regenerative powers are better. No laser will provide you with perfect 100% removal, but we can get close. At Jolie Peau we are committed to providing excellent and HONEST service, helping you to achieve all your goals without disappointment.

Do I have to do anything besides come in every 4-12 weeks?
Outside of coming in for treatments, the rest is easy. We ask that you take care of your skin, keep it healthy, wear sunscreen and exfoliate, before and after treatments. That’s about it.

What is laser pigment removal/treatment?
Laser pigment removal/treatment minimizes or removes pigment, or color, from freckles, birth-marks, sun-spots, age-spots or flat moles anywhere on the body.

How many laser pigment removal treatments do I need?
In general, 2-4 treatments, however, the answer to this question greatly depends on your skin type, pigment and individual healing times. The staff at Jolie Peau would love to help answer this question in a free consult.

How long does it take to heal or how long between laser pigment treatments?
After laser pigment removal, the pigment darkens, crusts/scabs and falls off within a week or so, then a slightly lighter patch is left. This patch fills in with your natural skin tone within another few weeks. After the spots have healed, you can be re-assessed for further treatment.